Wally & Whiz – Solbær med saltlakrids

Gourmet vingummi – solbær med saltlakrids

Producent: Wally and Whiz

Leveringstid: 1-2 dage

DKK 60,00

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A delicious aroma and taste of licorice, where the salty undertones bring an edge to the deep, dark berry sweetness.


Blackcurrants are highly aromatic and are known by a piquant, deep and dark taste. To maintain the natural characteristics of the berry, we apply blackcurrant extract produced from pure, natural berries. The extract is free of compounds that can induce allergic responses and intolerance.


We apply a pulverized, organic licorice root extract. The licorice powder is rich in the sweet aromatic glycyrrhizin and is added ammonium chloride to provide a sharp, lightly salted flavor.

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