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Founded in 1753 Hampden Estate has been distilling rum for almost three centuries in the
Trelawny Parish, historically known as the grand cru of Jamaican rum. Renowned throughout
the world for its full, intensely flavorful rums, Hampden Estate has always produced
quintessential, heavy pot still pure single rums, using unique methods that guarantee its remarkable
aromas and truly exceptional taste.

Hampden Great House 2023 is the fifth release of the exclusive distillery
edition. This bottling is a tribute to the distillery’s Great House, still standing
in its original form. Built in 1779 by the Stirling family, the first floor was
used for rum storage (barrels waiting to be transferred to port) until the 20th
century. Today, it has become the house of representation and reception for
guests and visitors.
Made from a blend of different marks, this new version of Great House is
produced according to a recipe that differs from year to year, and offers the
chance to discover this rum under a different light. Its range of mineral notes
and flavours enhances its empyreumatic character.

Nose: Both refined and heady. The first nose reveals incredibly
distinguished aromas of cane flower, cane sugar and vanilla. The oxidative
aroma palette then offers notes of hydrocarbon, bourbon vanilla and exotic
fruits (pineapple, banana).
Palate: Rich, powerful. Lively notes of camphor and vetiver precede
flavours of clove that gradually envelop the taste buds. The unctuous midpalate
is deliciously vanilla, lemony, honeyed (acacia) and liquorice.
Finish: Long and minimalist. Hot cane sugar pours across the palate.
The rich after-taste is milky (coconut, almond) and subtly fresh. Ginger,
Mirabelle plum and aromatic plants (wild thyme, sage) draw out the tasting.


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